We’re Changing Our Name!!!

Exciting news!!! We are simplifying our name–Darling Amalgamated Retail Emporium will henceforth be called DARE Minneapolis. We have ordered new signage and business cards and will update all of our social media and online presence in the coming weeks.

Our vision has not shifted, we are still committed to bringing you amazingly curated vintage items and sublime local art and gifts, we have just found that there a substantial amount of folx that either have a hard time remembering our name, or are unable to pronounce “amalgamated” 😉.

We are currently operating “By Appointment Only” as we regroup our vintage collection. We will be hosting a flea market type sale in the coming weeks to make room for more specially curated vintage items and furniture. Currently we have 2 “make an offer” sections in the shop, where we will seriously take any offer! You should totally make an appointment online, or text Marcy at 612-454-5456 to set up a time to shop.

We hope to open for walk-in weekends and events mid-June, and we’ll keep you posted along the way.

Thank you for playing with us!!!

Marcy & Adam Darling

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