this winter, amiright??!?

So, yeah, I just looked, and I haven’t updated since mf*ing November??!? I talk to a lot of you (I’m a regular hair-apist, ya know) and this season has been pretty bleak for a lot of us. And, if I’m being perfectly honest, has hit yours truly pretty hard.

Winter burying the light inside…

*deleted TMI here*

Anyhoo, I’m back to the land of the light, I hope. Going to try posting more on the socials–we’re getting some new stuff in for spring and we’re heading to another Minneapolis Vintage Market on Sunday, April 16 at Quincy Hall in NE Minneapolis, with our mate Kristen (ecstatic eclectic vintage) — so that’s fun!

We’re still open Tuesdays 11-4, Thursdays 1-7, Saturdays 11-4, and are always up for a personal shopping appointment!

Stay bright my friends, and remember, medication is our friend!


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