Our Story

Darling Amalgamated Retail Emporium started out as a place where we, as local artists & makers, could share space/rent/ company! It morphed over the course of last two and a half years and one relocation later into a mixed use space designed as a local maker retail space, an art gallery, carefully curated vintage shop, and an intimate hair salon. We are committed to carrying/promoting local artists & makers that compliment each other and the work that we, ourselves, produce, as well as having a consistent Brick & Mortar space where our customers can always find our products!

Marcy Darling is the Beauty Operator behind Dare Salon, a one chair salon in the back of the Emporium. Marcy shares her chair with a longtime friend, and fellow stylist, Erin Perry.

There is something for just about everyone here at Darling Amalgamated Retail Emporium, from 75 cent rubber anatomical hearts to $15 art prints to $150 vintage dressers to $1600 fine art paintings and everything in-between! Our hope is that everyone who walks in the door feels welcome & comfortable.

More photos to come, but here is a map of our current location⬇️⬇️⬇️