Annmade In Minnesota

Ann Aas is a enamel jewelry artist based in Chanhassen. She has always loved jewelry and accessories and has enjoyed making her own designs for the past five years.

annmade 1Ann’s style and focus changed after she took an enameling class 2014. She fell in love with enameling and  the unpredictable and endless potential of fire, glass and metal. She continues to learn new techniques by taking online classes and trial and error.

Using a torch for enameling allows her to quickly create colorful, textured, one of a kind pieces. Most of her work is copper based, but she also enamels on brass and steel. Some of her metal pieces are machine stamped shapes while others are hand cut and pounded into shape. annmade 2 The metal shapes are heated with a Mapp gas torch. Once glowing, the metal is dipped into crushed glass. The glass sticks to the metal and the piece is again heated in the flame. This process is repeated several times, fusing the glass to the metal. Surface interest is annmade 3applied by dipping the piece into a coarser glass called frit or applying a ceramic decal. Each piece is unique. Ann uses riveting and wire wrapping to finish her pieces.