Deana Rousseau

Deana Rousseau is an abstract expressionist painter. Her current medium is acrylic on paper, and canvas, as well as photography. A fine arts graduate of MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design), Rousseau embraces color through abstraction and in her search of eliciting human emotions, inner peace and self-reflection.

Rousseau’s key works are cohesive as a body. Her color palette and her inspiration derives from serene scenes and physical natural landscapes —such as the California coast and and the rugged terrain of Colorado.   Her study of the 20th Century movement of abstraction art and their process include artists;  Hans Hoffman,  Joan Mitchell,  Helen Frankenthaler and and Franz Kline.  

 “My aim in painting is to create a pulsating, luminous, and open surface that emanate a mystic light of colors that fit together as pieces in a puzzle.  Color is a  means of creating an abstract expression, expressing the energy and motion within myself, a path of self discovery.”