Lisa M. W. Phelps

B403FDBC-088C-4AB1-A57F-B0EE1CB999BALisa M. W. Phelps learned how to crochet and knit from her mom when she was about 11 years old. When her kids were young and she was a stay-at-home mom, she realized that creating her own patterns really wasn’t that difficult and started casually designing apparel and accessory patterns for crochet and knitting magazines. She published patterns until going back to work full time. She has since created yarn art as a way to express herself, sell accessories at church craft fairs, and spread coziness.


Lisa starts by cruising the aisles of the craft stores, waiting for yarn to whisper to her. If it passes the touch test, Lisa will take it home, find a stitch that suits the fiber, and work up a cold-weather piece. Like most yarn artists, she has a minimum of three projects going at once.

Lisa lives in the neighborhood and her kids are just about grown now. In addition to crochet and knit, she is involved with a local community theatre group. You may see her in the area walking with her happy dog, Cha Cha. She is forever grateful to her mom for teaching her “yarn therapy” so long ago, because it has helped her through some rough times. Thanks, mom.