Stacey Dallmann

Stacey Dallmann is the maker behind Snew. She was born an artist and would choose to create over anything else most days. After growing up in St. Louis (and a bit in Louisiana) she found herself in Minneapolis in the late 90’s to attend Private Art College and to ruin her life with student loans.  She received a BFA in Furniture Design in 2003 and now lives in Anoka with her husband, son, and floof.

Stacey’s purpose on this earth is to create weird art and make people laugh. You can find her doodling, painting, or sculpting

delightful inappropriateness while singing and dancing in her basement studio. 

There is a huge spot in her heart for oddities and obscurities, being drawn to the dark, mysterious and misfit, but in parallel the cute, retro kitsch, and rainbow.


Please follow her on Instagram @snewceramics for sneak peeks of works in progress.