Wild Barking Moon

Sue Mooney

Sue Mooney loves to see people laugh. During the 13 years this self-taught artist managed group homes for clients with severe and profound developmentally disabilities, she was known to stand on chairs and dance to make clients smile.  Plus, she worked with patients who have HIV/AIDS for 18 years to get the medical care they needed.  A co-worker of Mooney’s saw a photo of her pup wearing goggles suggested they’d make great greeting cards.

Not long after, Mooney and her Yorkies chose a life of art and adventure and Wild Barking Moon was born. Mooney built a whole new life selling her art at shows and online. She definitely loves to see shock give way to snorts of laughter. She still remembers the moment when a toddler kissed one of her dog portraits square on the lips. And she’s continued pursuing her dreams – letting them grow along the way, expanding from portraits that people say truly capture the depth of animals to creating equally vibrant pictures of cities, landscapes, and those animals’ humans. All of it includes Mooney’s signature take on the world: a POV that is at once witty, compassionate, and genuine.

Glimpse Mooney’s latest work or connect with her at www.wildbarkingmoon.com — you are never too old to giggle at a dog in goggles.