Meet the Darlings

We’re the Darlings. For 25 years we have channeled chaos. Not in a bad way, but in a way that befuddles most reasonable people.

Enter DARE Minneapolis—a little thought, became a bigger idea, became an obsession, and then things really swirled out of control and we ended up opening a brick and mortar retail store PLUS hair salon. Yeah, we know, it’s kinda, um, chaotic. But somehow it works.

Featuring our favorite (maybe slightly off—you know who you are…) local artists and makers along with our uncanny ability to score some pretty weird vintage items, we ended up creating a really cool community of really cool people (you know who you are…) Add our own Dare Salon into the mix, and WOW, there’s a LOT going on inside our little hidden space on South 4th Street.

Check out DARE Minneapolis. You’ll either spend 2 minutes inside, or an hour. There’s really no in between.

See ya soon,


Marcy & Adam Darling