Our Artists

Our Artists have been carefully curated from local artists we admire (plus a couple of non-local artist that we can’t live without).

Angela Davis

Angel Hawari

Annmade in Minnesota

Annrocks Apparel

Authentic Embroidery

Bitchin Design Co.

Blue Platypus Clothing & Gifts

Blythe M Davis

Boxy Mouse

Brooklyn Grooming

Carla Bode

Cat Rocketship

Chalkboard Candle Co.

Deana Rousseau

Eli Libson

Empowered Psyche

Flying Cat Arthouse

Genevieve Hall

Heather Renaux

Helland Studio


Infrared Studio

Inside The Robot

James Powell Art

John Sauer


Kao Lee Thao

Lupi McGinty


Magnetic Poetry

Marigold Essentials

Phaedra Odell Collage

Rock Johnsen Ceramics

Samael Leopold Sullivan

Scrappy Bird Stained Glass

Scrappy Products

Sebesta Apothecary

Secret Basement Lab

Sue Mooney Art

Sick Kitty Ceramics

snew ceramics

The Twisted Pumpkin

Wacks Co.

Wicked Apothecary