Susan Storck

As a farm educator with a education in horticultural science, Susan Storck isn’t your traditional jewelry designer.  The self-described “plant freak who is also an artist” combines clear epoxy resin with real flora and fauna for her wearable designs. The intricate pieces feature tiny botanical scenes made of lichen, ferns, moss, and tiny dried flowers within striking geometric shapes. Some of her designs are made completely from organic material encased in epoxy resin.

“My work celebrates the beauty of the natural world. I have always loved autumn in Minnesota, probably because of the beautiful foliage. In autumn of 2015 I was on a mission to preserve sumac leaves in a durable way, and discovered epoxy resin. Once I had these durable leaves I realized the best way to display them way to wear them as jewelry. This is was the inspiration of Sudify jewelry. Once I became comfortable using resin with leaves it inspired me to try other natural objects. I have always found lichens extremely beautiful and like to display them, as a gemstone would be, in my jewelry. I also use ferns, flower petals, moss, seeds, twigs, fungi, basically anything I can collect while hiking around Minnesota.

The beautiful lines, colors, and unique textures found in natural objects are an inspiration in my jewelry. I find them so inspiring my main goal is to highlight their unique beauty by showcasing them in a wearable fashion. I also think being in nature and around plants is very grounding and calming. I hope that my jewelry also can elicit that natural response to being in nature.”