Do YOU Have What It Takes???

We are looking for more local (MN) artist/makers to join the eclectic, sometimes weird, often tongue-in-cheek, collection of goods at Darling Amalgamated Retail Emporium. If you think you would fit in, please send an email to Marcy (plantmanager @ darlingamalgamated DOT com) with some photos, your price range and a short essay on why you would be awesome here!

p.s.: we operate on a consignment basis;

p.p.s.: we are full up on jewelry at the moment, but would love quirky functional pottery, fine art prints, and some irreverent greeting cards and other things we haven’t thought of yet;

p.p.p.s.: we are uninterested in baby or Minnesota themed things—don’t get us wrong, we ♥️ babies & MN—there’s just enough of that elsewhere.

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