We Have Moved!

In case you missed it, Darling Amalgamated Retail Emporium has relocated! With the uncertainties of the current health crisis, we decided to try to lower our overhead, and LOWER we did! Darling Amalgamated Retail Emporium is now located at 406 E 48th Street, Minneapolis, in the back of the building, through a beautiful, fairy-like courtyard!

On the main level, you can have Marcy or Erin at Dare Salon manage your mane (by appointment only), or shop for cool locally produced art and gifts. On the LOWER level, you can find more arty gifts, PLUS a badass selection of vintage items (painstakingly curated by Adam & Marcy) – from furniture to miniature clown figurines to the Card Catalog of Curiosities to Grandma June’s accordion (sorry NFS).

DARE 2.0 will be open Saturday, September 19 from 11am-4pm and by appointment thereafter (text 612 454 5456 to schedule) with monthly open days TBD.

Check back often for updates. We hope to see you soon!!!

-Marcy & Adam Darling

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