Oh the things afoot at DARE…

First off, thanks to all of you who’ve stopped in since we reopened the doors in October! It’s been fabulriffic to be able to share our vintage and local finds with you all again 😍 We’re adding new stuff all the time and hopeful that the recent trend to shop local evolves beyond “the thing to do” into THE THING TO DO!!!

Our hours continue to be Tuesdays 11-4, Thursdays 1-7, and Saturdays 11-4.

Secondly, a lot of you know that we’ve finally installed our Little Free Library. It’s been a blast being a library steward, and creating a new community around books! (Except for those few incidences of minor theft plus an empty soda can left inside the library, but who knows, maybe that person really needed our guest book??!?) We’ve also been placing some small, fun, free goodies inside, because we’re like that, and who doesn’t like a free spider ring, or a shiny rock, or a fidget spinner every now and again??!?

DARE Minneapolis Little Free Library

This weekend we’re starting to leave a random number of library tokens in the library for folx to find, bring into the shop, and redeem for a prize — spin the wheel, you might get a sticker, or 30% off 1 item, or something in between!!!

Library Token
Redeem your token, spin the wheel, get a prize!

Finally, we are once again an official drop-off site for the Minneapolis Chapter of Toys for Tots. We are collecting new, unwrapped toys through December 16. If you don’t have time to shop, but want to make a donation to our local chapter, we have set up a donation portal, to make it easy to help our neighbors in need.

Yeah, so that’s now, check out the stuff, maybe find a library token and get a prize, or just stop in to say hi—we always like to see you!


TUESDAY 11-4pm

Masks still required as the salon is open, we have some immunocompromised guests, and we’d like to keep everyone comfortable and safe.

Also remember that a portion of our monthly sales always goes to Voices for Racial Justice and OutFront Mn, and we double our donations for the month of December!!!


-the Darlings

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